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Restrictive Endorsement. Endorsement of a bill of exchange so that its negotiation is limited and circumscribed.

Retardation. A slowing up. A lateness of arrival. Opposite to acceleration.

Retard of Tide. Interval between conjunction, or opposition, of Sun and Moon and the appearance of the resultant spring tide at a place.

Retentivity. The power of steel or iron to retain magnetism. This power is more or less proportional to their resistance to being magnetised.

Retrograde Motion. Movement of a heavenly body in a direction opposite to that of Earth's rotation and Sun's annual revolution; the Right Ascension and celestial longitude of the body will then decrease. A few solar system bodies - comets and some satelĀ­lites - have this motion. Retrograde movement of a planet is an optical illusion arising from Earth's orbital movement.

Return List. D.T.I, form, Eng. 2 or Eng. 2a, for reporting parĀ­ticulars of members of crew engaged after Articles have been opened.

Return Port. The proper return port of a discharged seaman.

Return Tubes. Those fire tubes, in a marine boiler, that return the fuel gases from the combustion chamber to the front of boiler.

Revenue Cutter. Small sailing vessel, cutter rigged and armed, manned by Royal Navy and used for prevention of smuggling and for maintaining order on the fishing grounds. Superseded by mechanically-propelled fishery protection vessels.

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