Nautical words

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Register Tonnage. Measurement of a ship, based on internal capacity, as entered in her Certificate of Registry. Can be 'Nett' or 'Gross'.

Registrar. One whose duty is to keep a register or record. Chief Officers of Customs are usually registrars of shipping.

Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen. Official of Department of Trade. He is responsible for keeping records of British ships, and of the men serving in them. Registration of Ship. Legal procedure by which a vessel acquires British nationality on building, or by transfer.

Regression. Backward movement of Moon's nodes around Ecliptic. Amount is nearly 19° 20' each year, so that this backward circle repeats every 18.6 years. This is considered in tidal prediction.

Regulus. Star  Leonis. S.H.A. 208°; Dec. N12N°; Mag. 1.3. Name is Latin for 'Petty King'. Relative Bearing. Direction of an observed object when expressed as an angle with ship's fore and aft line.

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