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Reefing Jackstay. Additional jackstay about five inches abaft proper jackstay of a yard. Reef Knot. Made with two rope ends so that bight of each part lies either over or under both parts of other rope.

Reef Line. Small ropes rove through holes in reef band of a square sail and having ends on yards. Used for tricing up head of sail when reefing.

Reef Pendant. Tackle for hauling down leech of a fore and aft sail to the boom when reefing.

Reef Points. Lengths of small line secured to reef band of sail and passing through it. Used for confining reefed area of sail, and for securing reefed part of square sail to yard.

Reef Tackle. Small purchase for heaving reef cringle of square sail to the yard when reefing.

Reel. Horizontal drum, with circular side plates, around which ropes and wires are wound for compact stowage, and for ready use. 2. Small wooden framework on which log line is reeled. Has an axle that extends on either side, for reelman to hold when the log is streamed. Reeler. Man whose duty is to reel up line of ship log as it is hauled in. Name also given to man who holds the reel.

Reeve. To pass end of a rope through a block, thimble or other opening.

Peeving.* Forcing open seams inside of a wooden ship so that caulking can be inserted.

Peeving Beetle 276 Relative Bearing

Reeving Beetle. Heaviest mallet used by caulkers.

Reeving Iron. Wedge-shaped tool, of steel or iron, used when reeving.

Refit. Removal of worn or damaged gear and fitting of new gear in replacement.

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