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Reduction to Soundings.; Calculation of the correction to be applied to a sounding taken in tidal waters so that it can be compared with soundings referred to a standard level of chart datum.

Reduction to the Meridian 275 Peeving

Reduction to the Meridian. The application of corrections to altitude of a heavenly body, observed when near meridian, so that its meridian altitude may be deduced.

Reed Boiler. Water tube boiler of Thomycroft type, but having tubes more curved.

Reef. Ridge, or chain, of rocks near surface of the sea.

Reef. That part of sail between head in square sails, and foot in fore and aft sails, and the first line of reef points. Also, part of sail between any two lines of reef points.

Reef Band. Strip of canvas stitched to sail in way of reef points, for strengthening.

Reef Cringle. Cringle inserted in leech of sail to take block of reef tackle.

Reef Earing. Rope that secures upper corner of a reefed square sail to yard, or lower inner corner of reefed fore and aft sail to boom.

Reefer. One who reefs a sail. As midshipmen were stationed in tops during reefing the name was applied to them. 2. Short, double-breasted jacket, as worn by midshipmen. 3. Cargo ship fitted with refrigerating apparatus but capable also of carrying cargo other than refrigerated.

Reefing. Reducing effective area of sail by gathering in a certain amount of it - at the head in square sails, at foot in fore and aft sails - and securing it by tieing reef points around. Reefing Halyards. Rope round the rolling spar of a patent reefing topsail.

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