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Reduced Latitude. Angle between radius of Earth, at a given point, and plane of Equator. Spheroidal shape of Earth causes this to be less than the geographical latitude, except at poles and Equator.

Reduced Zenith. Point at which a line passing from centre of Earth, and through an observer, would meet celestial concave. The declination of this point would be less than declination of observer's zenith.

Reduction. A 'leading back'. Correction of an apparent position or value, to give a true position, or value.

Reduction Gearing. Mechanism by which a high-speed of rotation? in one unit, is converted to a lower speed, but greater power, in another unit.

Reduction of Latitude. Angular difference between the geocentric and geographical latitudes at any given point on Earth's surface. Is maximum (11' 44") in lat 45°. It is subtractive from geo­graphical latitude, or additive to geocentric latitude. Reduc­tion may be looked upon as angle, at Earth's surface, between a downward perpendicular and an extended radius of Earth at that point.

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