Nautical words

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Redelivery Clause. Inserted in a time charter to specify time, place and circumstances of redelivery of a vessel on termination of a time charter; also defines compensation for non-fulfilment.

Red End. Of magnet, is the north-seeking end.

Red Ensign. Red flag having Union flag at upper inner canton is the proper ensign of British Merchant Navy.

Red Pole. Of magnet, is that end having same polarity as Earth's south magnetic pole. It is usual to make an arbitrary assumption that lines of magnetic force emerge from this pole. Red Squadron. Former division of a fleet of warships. Occupied the van of the line and flew a red pendant. Was commanded by the admiral. Discontinued 1864.

Reduced Chart. Old name for a chart constructed on a recognised projection, as distinguished from a plane chart.

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1   ...   674   675   676   677   678   679   680   681   ...   963

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