Nautical words

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Receivers of Wreck. Officers appointed by Board of Trade to take charge of wrecks and wreckage on British coasts and to take necessary steps for the saving of life and property in peril.

Reciprocal Bearings. Compass bearings taken simultaneously at two different stations, the bearing of one station being the reciprocal of the bearing of the other. Frequently used in

compass adjustment.

Reckoning. Computation by which the position of a ship is found.

Recognition Signal 274 Reduction to Soundings

Recognition Signal. System of lights, or pyrotechnic signals, by which a vessel can indicate her ownership and identity.

Reconcile. Shipbuilding term meaning to join one member fairly with another so that the sweep is smooth. Especially applied to curves that reverse.

Rectilinear Stream. Tidal stream that runs alternately in approxi­mately opposite directions.

Rector. Name given to Master of a ship in 11th and 12 centuries.

Recurvature. Meteorological term for the change in direction of travel of a cyclonic storm. First direction is Westerly, then towards elevated pole, finally easterly.

Red Duster. A somewhat affectionate nickname for the Red Ensign.

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