Nautical words

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Rattle Down. To fit ratlines to shrouds.

Razee. To cut down an upper deck of a vessel so that her depth is decreased. 2. A vessel that has had an upper deck cut down.

Reach* Straight stretch of water between two bends in a river or channel.

Reaching. Sailing with wind on beam or before it. Sailing close-hauled on alternate tacks.

Reaction Rudder. Rudder so designed and shaped that effective use is made of the screw race.

'Ready About.' Cautionary order given preparatory to tacking under sail.

Ready to Load. State of a vessel when she is in a loading berth and is, in all respects, ready to load in all holds.

Rear Admiral. Flag officer in Royal Navy. Junior rank of admiral, being intermediate between Commodore and vice-admiral.

Rebate. Alternative form of 'Rabbet'.

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1   ...   672   673   674   675   676   677   678   679   ...   963

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