Nautical words

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Rating a Chronometer. Determining its losing or gaining rate.

Ration. Stipulated amount of provisions for a specified period.

Rational Horizon. Great circle of celestial sphere, its poles being the zenith and nadir of observer. It follows that this plane passes through centre of Earth, and parallel to visible and sensible horizons.

Ratio of Range. Factor expressing range of tide, at a given place, in arithmetical proportion to the range at a specified position.

Ratio of Rise. Factor expressing rise of tide at one position as compared with rise of tide at another position.

Ratlines. Small ropes stretched horizontally between shrouds to form foot and hand holds when going aloft. Seized to forward and after shrouds, clove-hitched around intermediate shrouds.

Ratline Stuff. Soft laid, tarred hemp, three-stranded with rather long jaw, and from one to one and three-quarters of an inch in size. Used for ratlines.

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