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Rank. Comparative station or rank of an officer. Rap

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Rank. Comparative station or rank of an officer.

Rap. Skein of yarn 20 fathoms long.

Rapaki. Masses of detached and uneven land ice met with in rivers and bays.

Paper's Code.* Signalling code, by use of flags, introduced by Admiral Raper, R.N., in 1828.

Rap Full. Said of a sail when fully distended by the wind.

Rapson's Slide. Type of steering-gear in which steering-chains are connected to a collar free to slide on tiller. Advantage is that leverage increases with angle of helm. Disadvantage is its tendency to walk back.

Ras. Arabic word, meaning 'Head', used in some star and geo­graphical names.

Rasalhague. Star  Ophiuchi. S.H.A. 97°; Dec. N13°; Mag. 2-1.

Rasin 273 Reckoning

Rasin.* Doubling piece on inner side of wale of wooden ship. Was cut away to form socket for deck carline.

Rasing Iron. Iron tool used for tearing out of old caulking.

Rate. Old scale for classing of warships. Based on number of guns carried; first rate carried 100 or more guns; fifth rate carried 32 to 40. Lowest rate was 'sixth'. 2. Rate of a chronometer is the amount it gains or loses in 24 hours.

Rateau Turbine. High-speed turbine of impulse type, and com­pounded for pressure. Rating. Seaman other than an officer.

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