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Rally in. To haul in quickly. Ram

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Rally in. To haul in quickly.

Ram. To strike a vessel with stem of one's own ship. 2. Strength­ened stem, or projecting forefoot, formerly fitted to warships for sinking enemy ship by ramming.

Ramberge.* Long and narrow war vessel, propelled by oars and specially fitted for ramming. Corruption of 'Ram Barge'.

Ram Block. Wooden deadeye.

Ram Bow. Ship's bow when fitted with a ram.

Ram Head. Special type of halyard block.

Ramark. A radar beacon which transmits continuously and thus shows its bearing on the display of a ship's radar.

Ramie. Egyptian cotton fibre used for making yacht ropes.

Ramline. Thin line, or cord, used for getting a straight line along a mast or spar.

Ramshorn Hook. Anchor-shaped hook on which two ends of a sling can be placed so that one end of sling goes not ride on other end.

Ran. Reel of 20 yards of rope. 2. Yarns coiled on a spunyarn winch.

Range. To sail parallel to a coast, shoal or other object. 2. The extreme limit at which a light will be visible to an observer with a given height of eye.

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