Nautical words

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Rail of the Dead. Name sometimes given to 'Rail 2'.

Raise. To initiate, as 'Raise a bottomry bond'. 2. To cause to appear above horizon, as 'Raise the land' or 'light'. 3. To dispose rope and blocks in such a manner that a purchase is

obtained—'Raise a purchase'. 4. To sail towards an object so that its altitude increases.

Raise a Purchase. See 'Raise'.

Raise Tacks and Sheets. Order given when tacking a square-rigged ship. As ship moves through wind, tacks and sheets are kept adjusted so that sail is kept filled and does not go aback.

Rake. Inclination, in fore and aft line, of a mast, funnel, stem, stern post, or other nearly vertical member. 2. Inclined shape of after edge of a rudder. 3. To fire projectiles fore and aft along deck of an enemy vessel.

Raker.* Gun so placed as to rake an enemy vessel.

Rakish 272 Rasalhague

Rakish. Said of a mast, or other member, having a rake.

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