Nautical words

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Radio Direction Finder. Instrument for detecting a radio signal and for indicating the relative bearing on which it is received.

Radiolaria. Minute creatures having a spherical, or conical, body from which small filaments project.

Radiolarian Ooze. Deep-sea deposit containing minute skeletons of radiolaria. Forms sea bed of large areas of Pacific and Indian Oceans at depths of 2000 to 5000 fathoms. Radiosonde. Small compact radio transmitter attached to a free balloon for the purpose of obtaining upper air observations.

Radio Time Signal. Time signal broadcast by radio.

Radius Vector. Line from a pole, or focus, that fixes position by measurement of angle between vector and a primitive. In astronomy, is a straight line connecting a planetary body

with Sun.

Radome. A bun-shaped cover placed over a radar scanner to prevent risk of fouling and to protect it from the weather.

Raft. Floating structure made for life-saving purposes in ship­wreck. 2. Timber or logs fastened together for transport by water.

Rafting. Overlapping of edges of two ice-floes, so that one floe is partly supported by the other.

Raft Port. Square opening, in end of ship, for loading long timber.

Rag Bolt. Bolt having jagged cuts across shank, to prevent bolt working out after being driven in.

Rail. Top of bulwarks. 2. Curved timber going from bow to support knee of head.

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