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Quarter Deck Type. Steam vessels in which the upper deck abaft the machinery space is raised above the level of the forward deck; thus allowing vessels with full cargoes to trim by the stern.

Quarter Diurnal. Applied to a tidal undulation, or constituent, that occurs four times in a tidal day.

Quarter Fast. Mooring rope led aft from quarter when securing a ship.

Quarter Gallery. A balcony-like projection on quarters of olden ships; usually fitted with windows.

Quarter Gasket. Short length of sennit used for securing a furled sail at quarter of a yard. Quarter Gunner. Responsible seaman who, under Gunner of the ship, was responsible for four guns.

Quarter Hoop. Hoop, on cask, barrel, etc., that is between chime) and bilge hoops. Quartering Wind. Wind blowing from a point about four points abaft a vessel's beam. Quarter Iron. Boom iron on yard to take heel of studdingsail boom. Fitted at 3/16 length of yard from yard arm.

Quartermaster. In R.N. is a petty officer, or other responsible rating, who works under officer of the watch and is responsible that the helmsman carries out his duties correctly. He takes the wheel on important occasions. In harbour, he keeps his watch at the gangway. In M.N. a leading rating who steers the ship and keeps gangway watch.

Quarter Pieces 269 Quoin

Quarter Pieces. Carved figures at after ends of quarter gallery.

Quarter Pipe. Reinforced oval aperture in after bulwark plating. Used as fairlead for mooring ropes.

Quarter Rail. Quarter deck bulwarks in a wooden ship.

Quarters. The allotted positions, or stations, of ship's complement in specified circumstances, e.g. 'General Quarters'.

Quarter Slings. Standing lifts of a yard, made of chain or rope, used in 16th century.

Quarter Spring. Rope led forward, from quarter of a vessel, to prevent her from ranging astern; or to heave her ahead.

Quarter Timber. Frame timber in quarter of a wooden vessel.

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