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Quadropod Engine. Four-cylinder reciprocating engine in which steam goes to fourth expansion. Cranks in each pair are set 180° apart; one pair being at right angles to other pair.

Quality of the Bottom. Nature of the sea bed as ascertained by arming of lead.

Quant. Pole with flat disc at lower end. Used for propelling small craft by pushing on bed of river, or other shoal water.

Quarantine. Segregation and restraint of a vessel coming from an infected port, or having infections or contagious diseases on board.

Quarantine Flags. Flag Q signifies ship hoisting it is believed to be healthy and requests free pratique; QQ signifies ship is suspect; QL signifies ship has cases of infectious disease.

Quarter. That part of a vessel between the beam and the stern.

Quarter of Yard 268 Quartermaster

Quarter of Yard. One-third of a yard between slings and lift on either side; being named 'first', 'second' and 'third' quarters from slings.

Quarter Badges. Carved ornamental work on quarters of olden ships. When gilded, were termed 'gingerbread'.

Quarter Berth. A bunk partly under the side of the cockpit.

Quarter Bill. List of different stations manned in action, together with names of men manning each station.

Quarter Block. Wooden block, on quarter of yard, through which clewline is rove. Quarter Boards. Additional weather boards erected above quarter rail in bad weather with following sea.

Quarter Boat. Boat carried at davits, on quarter of ship, and kept ready for immediate use when at sea.

Quarter Cask. Cask with a capacity of 28 gallons, or half a hogshead.

Quarter Cloths. Painted canvas on outboard side of hammock nettings on ship's quarter. Quarter Deck. Upper deck from mainmast to right aft. In vessels with a poop it ends at break of poop. In Royal Navy it extends from right aft on upper deck to some line forward of after gangway.

Quarterdecker. Name given to an officer who is more conscious of his rank than of his duties. 2. Ship having a raised deck, but not a poop, aft.

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