Nautical words

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Quadrantal Deviation. Compass error arising from induced magne­tism in horizontal soft iron. Changes name, E or W, in succes­sive quadrants.

Quadrantal Triangle. Spherical triangle having one side of 90°.

Quadrant Davit. Boat davit whose head can be moved through 90° in vertical plane; Welin type being, perhaps, the best known.

Quadrantids. Meteor shower visible in northern sky at beginning of January; radiant point being in constellation Quadrans Muralis.

Quadrate. Said of two heavenly bodies when 90° apart.

Quadrature. Relative position of a heavenly body when 90° from another. 2. Position of Moon when she is halfway between con­junction and opposition, thus being quadrate with Sun.

Quadrireme. Roman vessel, possibly with four banks of oars. Greek equivalent 'Tetreres'.

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1   ...   659   660   661   662   663   664   665   666   ...   963

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