Nautical words

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Pythagoras' Theorem. The area of a square on hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle equals sum of squares on other two sides. An important trigonometrical corollary from this is that Sin2 + Cos2=l.

Pyxis Nautica. Former name for a mariner's compass in a box.

'Q' Ship 267 Quarter


'Q' Ship. Merchant vessel with concealed armament, and manned by naval crew, that decoyed German submarines into gun range during 1914-18 war.

Quadrant. Quarter of a circle. 2. Nautical reflecting instrument that preceded sextant and measured angles up to 90°. Invented by Thomas Godfray of Philadelphia and John Hadley of England in 1730, each being independent of the other. 3. A 13th century instrument for measuring the altitude of a star. It was a thin plate of metal or wood, a quarter of a circle in shape, marked with degrees round the arc and with pin-hole sights on one edge. A plumb line hung from the centre. Two observers were needed, one sighting the star, the other reading the scale. 4. Horizontal fitting, that is a sector of a circle, attached to head of rudder stock to take steering chains and form leverage for controlling rudder. Sometimes carries a toothed rack into which a pinion is meshed.

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