Nautical words

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Pulling (an Oar). Propelling a boat by facing aft and pulling on an oar, or oars.

Pulling Boat. Any boat propelled by the pulling of oars.

Pulpit. Guard-rail round the bows of a yacht.

Pulse. Very short (usually less than one-millionth of 1 second) radio signals transmitted in rapid succession by a radar transĀ­mitter.

Pump Box. Casing covering top of a pump. 2. Leather piston fitted with a non-return valve.

Pump Brake. Handle by which a pump is worked.

Pump Hook. Hook, with long handle, for lifting a leather pump box.

Pumping. Of barometer: fluctuations in height of mercury column due to violent movement of ship, or of wind effect at cistern.

Pump Leather. Stout leather from which pump boxes were formerly J made.

Pump Spear. Rod to which upper pump-box was attached.

Pump Well. Shaped space into which water flows, and from which it is pumped; pump suctions leading to it.

Punt. Small craft propelled by pushing on a pole whose lower end rests on the bottom of the waterway. 2. To propel a boat by resting end of a pole on bottom of waterway. 3. Copper punt.

Puoy. Spiked pole used for propelling a barge or boat by resting its outboard end on an unyielding object.

Purchase. Mechanical advantage gained by leverage, tackle or positioning. 2. Apparatus by which mechanical advantage is gained.

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