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Proving Establishment. Establishment where anchors and chain cables are tested and proved. Those in Great Britain are con­trolled by Department of Trade and Industry.

Prow. Old name for stem of a vessel, or for the bows. 2. Alterna­tive name for 'Proa'.

Proxima Centauri. Name given to a Centauri on account of it being the nearest star to Earth.

Proximate Clause 265 Purple Light

Proximate Clause. Nearest or most immediate cause of a maritime loss. Used in marine insurance when a loss is due to a sequence of events or a combination of circumstances. Psychrometer. A hygrometer, but sometimes limited to those hygro­meters in which air-flow past wet bulb is accelerated by mechanism.

Pteropod Ooze. Ooze containing small conical shells. Found in various areas at depths between 400 and 1500 fathoms.

Puddening. Rope strands when used to make a fixed fender or chafing gear. Strands are usually woven, but not always so.

Pudding Chain. Short link chain especially made for reeving through a block. Used for halyards and sheets before wire rope was introduced.

Pudding Fender. Cylindrical canvas bag containing cork or coir and covered with leather or grafted small stuff.

Pulley. Block with sheave to change direction of rope or to give mechanical advantages - in latter case is usually called a 'tackle'.

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