Nautical words

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Proportional Logarithms. Used when 'Clearing a Lunar Distance'. Was the logarithm of 10,800 (the number of seconds in 3 hours) diminished by the number of seconds by which a quantity dealt with was less than 3 hours. Proportional log. of 2 hours would be log. of 10,800 minus log. of 3600. Now quite obsolete for this purpose.

Propulsion. The driving forward of a vessel.

Protection and Indemnity Association. Association of shipowners who combine to indemnify any of their members against third party claims and against risks not normally covered by marine insurance.

Protest. Statement under oath, made before a notary public, concerning an actual or anticipated loss, damage or hindrance in the carrying out of a marine adventure.

Proved. Said of anchors and chain cables when they have been tested and found to be of required quality and strength.

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1   ...   653   654   655   656   657   658   659   660   ...   963

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