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Controlled Pitch Propeller

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Controlled Pitch Propeller. The blades of the propeller can be altered in position to give ahead, neutral, or astern drive, the engine turning in a constant direction.

Ducted, or Shrouded, Propeller. A propeller rotating within an open-ended cylinder sometimes called a 'Kurt Nozzle". The duct increases significantly the bollard pull of a tug. If the duct and propeller is turned horizontally great manoeuvrability is achieved.

Propeller Post 264 Proxima Centauri

Propeller Post. That part of stem framing that carries after end of stern tube, and supports end of tail shaft.

Proper Motion. The actual movement of a heavenly body as dis­tinguished from a parallactic change in its position due to Earth's movement in space. Name is given, also, to Sun's apparent movement in Ecliptic, to distinguish it from his apparent diurnal motion. 2. The movement on a true-motion radar display of the echo of another ship. It shows her course and speed. ('Course Steered and Speed.')

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