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Prolongation Clause. Inserted in a charter party to give charterers option of continuing a charter beyond a given date. States the conditions under which this can be done.

Prolonged Blast. Blast, of 4 to 6 seconds duration, on a whistle, foghorn, or siren.

Promenade Deck. One of the decks of a passenger steamer. Usually more or less open and free from obstructions.

Promissory Note. Written and stamped undertaking to pay a specified sum of money on or before a specified date.

Proof Load. Excessive load put on an item under test. May vary between 10% and 100% more than the load that the item is intended to take.

Proof Strain. Excessive strain put on an item under test. Always exceeds strain that the item is intended to take.

Proof Stress. Value used to indicate strength of metal when it is difficult to determine yield point. Metal is stretched and its elongation under the stated stress is expressed as a percentage, the value of the stress being stated.

Proof Timber. Vertical straight line, representing a timber, drawn on a sheer draught for checking fairness of ship's form.

Propeller. Instrument by which a vessel is propelled. Attached to after end of a shaft that is connected to engine. Usually has three or four blades, each being part of a screw thread, and is keyed and secured to after end of tailshaft.

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