Nautical words

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Profile Draughts. Two sheer plans on principle of cargo plans. One gives layout of ship; the other giving layout of fittings in ship.

Pro Forma Policy. Temporary and unsigned policy issued to an insurer pending the preparation and signing of the actual policy.

Progressive Wave. Elevation of water, with its accompanying depression, that moves laterally along surface of sea. Considered in tidal investigations.

Projections. Attempts to delineate some part of curved surface of Earth on the flat surface of a map or chart. It is impossible to do this with accuracy. In the projections used by seamen the distortions are either negligible in practice or are of a known nature and value and can, therefore, be allowed for. The different projections are treated under their separate names. Prolate Spheroid. Spheroid generated by semi-rotation of an ellipse around its major axis. Sometimes applied to a spheroid that rotates on its major axis.

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