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Prismatic Compass. Compass fitted with a reflecting prism and a sighting vane. Used for observing azimuths.

Prismatic Telescope. Telescope having reflecting prisms to enlarge an observed object. Periscope is a well-known example.

Privateer. Ship, other than a warship, fitted out by persons to whom letters of marque had been given. Name was also given to person commanding such a ship. To privateer is to attack enemy shipping under letter of marque.

Private Ship. Naval term for any warship that is not a flag ship.

Prize. Vessel captured in war and granted to capturers by sovereign.

Prize Court. Wartime court set up to adjudicate on naval prizes taken.

Prize List. Names, ranks and ratings of personnel in a captured ship.

Prize Master. Officer, from capturing ship, who takes charge of a captured ship.

Prize Money. Share of value of captured merchant ships, paid to crews of H.M. ships. Originally paid to personnel of capturing ship, but in war of 1914-18 was shared amongst all personnel. In war of 1939-45 was shared amongst R.N. and R.A.F. Now discontinued.

Proa. Canoe of Ladrone Islands. One side is curved, the other straight, outrigger being fitted on straight side. Has lateen sail and can be sailed either way. Usually about 30 ft. long and 3 ft. beam.

Procuration. The acting of one person on behalf of another. 2. A document authorising one person to act on behalf of another.

Procyon. Star  Canis Minoris. S.H.A. 246°; Dec. N05°; Mag. 0.5. Diameter is twice that of Sun, candlepower being 5 times greater. Distant 10 light years; temperature 6500°A. Name is Greek for 'Before the Dog', on account of it rising before Sirius.

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