Nautical words

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Post Meridian. Post Meridiem.'

Post Meridiem. Latin for 'After noon'.

Post Ship. Former name for a first-class warship.

Pouch. Name formerly given to a 'grain feeder' or a space enclosed by shifting boards.

Pounding. The heavy falling of a ship into the sea, or on the ground, after having been lifted by wave action.

Powder Magazine. Space in which gunpowder charges are stowed.

Powder Room. Space in which bulk gunpowder is stowed.

Prahu. Malayan craft propelled by oars and sails. About 50 ft. long. Also, double-ended boat of Ladrone Islands. About 30 ft long and fitted with outrigger. Steered with paddle.

Pram. Dinghy built with a small tramson at the bow as well as at the stern.

Pratique. Permission for a vessel to traffic or have communication with the shore. Granted after ship has been visited by medical and sanitary authorities.

Prayer Book. Seaman's nickname for a small holystone.

Precession. Movement of axis of a free gyro when subjected to an angular force that is not coincident with plane of rotation. It results in direction and plane of spin taking up a position so that each particle in gyro takes the shortest course to the new points arising from the angular movement of axis.

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