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Port Admiral. Admiral in charge of a Naval port.

Portage. Wages of seaman earned in a complete voyage. 2. Port wages of a seaman. 3. Short stretch of land that interrupts a line of water communication between two places - a boat has to be carried or transported across it. 4. Entrance or opening in side of a ship.

Portage Bill. Document showing earnings of each member of crew, during a complete voyage, together with all rightful deductions to be made. These deductions include such moneys as allotments, advances of pay, etc.

Port Authority. Corporate body, or individual, responsible for the administration of a port area and for the carrying out of statutory duties.

Port Bar. Shoal at entrance of a port. Boom protection at entrance of port during hostilities. 2. Bar by which the fitting that closes a port in ship's side is made watertight and secure.

Port Charges. Port dues. 2. Expenditure consequent on a vessel being in port.

Port Clearance 259 Positive Slip

Port Clearance. Document certifying that vessel has liberty to leave a port. Issued by appropriate authorities for the port. In British ports the authority is H.M. Customs. Name is also given to the ship's Victualling Bill with Clearance Label pinned and sealed to it.

Port Dues. Established charges, made by a port authority, payable by vessels entering or using the port.

Portfire. Casing containing an inflammable composition that bums slowly in all states of weather.

Port Flange. Small guttering above a port hole or scuttle to deflect water running down ship's side. Also called 'Rigol' or 'Eyebrow'.

Port Hole. Small aperture, usually circular, in ship's side. Used for lighting, ventilating and other purposes.

Port Lanyard. Small length of rope or chain by which a port may be opened or closed.

Portlast. Gunwale, or upper edge of bulwarks, of a ship.

Port Marking. Distinctive mark put on cargo for one particular port when carrying cargoes for more than one port.

Port of Refuge. Place or harbour, other than loading port or intended destination, to which a vessel proceeds to avoid an imminent peril.

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