Nautical words

Plat. Old name for a chart. 2. Plait. Plate

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Plat. Old name for a chart. 2. Plait.

Plate. Iron or steel sheet forming part of ship's deck or hull plating. 2. Iron or steel bar or band - such as 'Chain Plate'.

Platform. Plated deck, in engine-room, from which the engines are tended and controlled. 2. Name given to 'Orlop Deck'.

Pledge. Length of oakum used when caulking a seam.
Pleiades 256 Point of Tangency

Pleiades. Cluster of seven visible stars in constellation Taurus. Name means, 'to sail the seas'; this name being given because the ancient Greek navigational season began when Sun and Pleiades rose together.

Pleion. Meteorological term for an area in which meteorological conditions and factors are above normal.

Plot. A diagram for solving navigational or tactical problems. True Plot: A plot in which own ship's movement through the water is depicted to scale and other ships' movements are found by periodically plotting their range and bearing. Relative Plot:

Own ship's position remains fixed and the apparent motion of other ships is shown, i.e. their movement relative to own ship.

Plough. One of the colloquial names for constellation Ursa Major.

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