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Pink Stern. A high and narrow stern. Pinnace

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Pink Stern. A high and narrow stern.

Pinnace. Formerly, small, two-masted sailing vessel sometimes with oars. Now rowing, sailing or mechanically-propelled boat of R.N. Is diagonal built; 36 ft. in length.

Pin Rack. Rack carrying belaying pins.

Pin Rail. Horizontal rail, at ship's side, carrying belaying pins.

Pintle. Vertical pin, on forward edge of rudder, that ships into gudgeon and forms a hinge. Pinyano. Small, one-masted fishing vessel of China Sea. Fitted with outrigger.

Pioneer. Net-cutting attachment formerly fitted into nose of torpedo to cut through torpedo-nets.

Pipe. To call seamen, or to direct them, by sounds on a boatswain's call or pipe.

Pipe Down. Order to boatswain's mate to pipe hands 'down from aloft'. Now used, in R.N., to inform hands that they will not be required for work; or, at night, that hands are to turn in. 2. Be quiet.

Pipe Stool. Shaped support in which a pipe rests.

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