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Pilotage Act (1913). British Act of Parliament dealing with pilots, pilotage and pilotage authorities. Limitation of liability of pilotage authorities is dealt with in an Act of 1936. See "Limitation of Liability'.

Pilotage Authority. Corporate body, approved or appointed responsible for the organisation and, conduct of pilotage in a given port or area.

Pilotage District. Area controlled by a particular Pilotage Authority.

Pilotages. Fees and charges for pilotage service.

Pilot Boat. Small craft used for embarking or disembarking pilots in sheltered waters.

Pilot Cutter. Sea-going vessel that cruises in a specific area for purposes of putting pilots on board inward bound ships, and for receiving them from outward bound ships.

Pilot Fish. Fish, about a foot long, sometimes seen preceding a shark. Bluish in colour with five to seven dark bars. May someĀ­times attend a ship.

Pilot Flag. Distinctive flag of a pilot vessel. Small replica may be flown by a piloted vessel. British flag is square with upper half white and lower half red.

Pilot Jack. Union flag with white border. Used as request for pilot's services.

Pilot Line. Astronomical position line along which a vessel can conveniently sail in good safety.

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