Nautical words

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Phase Inequality. Variation in tidal interval, or amplitude, between successive high waters as Moon goes through her phases.

Phase Lag. Lag, in time or angle, between exertion of a tide pro­ducing force and the appearance of its effect.

Phosphorescence. Luminosity of sea surface due to minute animal organisms in the water.

Pick. Name sometimes given to pea of anchor. Colloquial name for an anchor.

Picket Boat. Fast, decked and mechanically-propelled boat carried in first class ships of R.N.

Picking Up Rope. Comparatively small rope carried from an arrived ship to a buoy, to hold ship while stronger moorings are attached.

Pier. Erection projected from land into water to form a landing, loading and discharging place; for a promenade or for protecting a port or harbour from effect of heavy seas. 2. Supporting member for an arch or span.

Pierhead Jump. The boarding of a vessel almost at the moment of sailing.

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