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Pett's Disengaging Gear. Boat releasing gear in which boat is held on two horizontal hooks in fore and aft line of boat and at a greater distance apart than are the falls. Wire fore and after between lifting eyes on hooks keeps eyes in position; hooks have bill uppermost, and bill has a slight upward cant. After hook is hinged and controlled by lever, which can be locked in position. When after hook is canted by lever the after block slips off, forward block then slips off. Boat drops into water slightly stern first.

Petty Average. The small expenses and charges borne by a vessel when entering a port to load or discharge. Generally referred to as 'Average Accustomed'.

Petty Officer 252 Pillow

Petty Officer. Rank intermediate between officer and rating, and in charge of ratings. Usually messed apart from ratings, and has special privileges appropriate to his position. Phact. Star  Columbae. S.H.A. 275°; Dec. S34°; Mag. 2-8.

Phantom Ship. 'Flying Dutchman.' There are, however, other phantom ships that are reported as having been sighted.

Pharos. A lighthouse or beacon. So called from the island of Pharos, in Bay of Alexandria, on which the first lighthouse was built by Sostratus Cnidius in 3rd century B.C. Was 450 ft. high and lasted for over 1000 years.

Phase. Appearance of Moon, or inferior planet, whose illuminated surface varies with its position relative to Sun and Earth. Mars, also, has a slight phasing. 2. Particular stage in recurring sequence of movements or changes usually expressed in degrees, the complete sequence or period being 360°. 3. Changes in a navigational beacon light in one period of exhibition.

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