Nautical words

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Passenger Steamer. In British law, is a steamer carrying more than 12 passengers.

Passe Volant. A 'Quaker' or dummy gun. 2. A movable gun.

Passing Ship. Said of a vessel going in a direction opposite to that of one's own ship.

Patache. French name for a small sailing vessel used as a tender.

Patent Log. Former name for a towed log. Cherub Log.

Path. That direction and route that a cyclonic depression may be expected to take.

Path Indicator. Instrument that indicates amount and direction of departure of ship's head from a set course.

Paul. Until fairly recently was the common spelling of Tawl.

Paunch Mat. Protective mat made by entwining strands of rope so that a thick mat with close-laid surface results.

Pavo. 'Peacock.' Southern constellation between Fomalhaut and Antares. Has one navigational star.

Pawl. Short, pivoted bar, with shaped toe, that trails over a toothed rack while machine is in motion. Pawl drops behind tooth of rack, by gravity or operation of a spring, and prevents reverse movement when moving power ceases.

Pawl Bitt. Vertical timber opposite middle of windlass. Carries pawl engaging in ratchet wheel on barrel.

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1   ...   609   610   611   612   613   614   615   616   ...   963

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