Nautical words

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Part Brass Rags. R.N. term signifying to break a friendship.

Partial Awning Deck Type. Describes vessels having continuous deck and side plating from amidships to forecastle.

Particular Average. Indemnity due from a particular person or persons to make good a particular maritime loss against which insurance has been effected.

Particular Average Loss. Maritime loss that is indemnified by particular average.

Particular Charges. Expenditure incurred in averting a particular average loss; salvage and General Average charges being excepted.

Particular Lien_______ _248_____ ______Pay Down

Particular Lien. Legal claim upon certain property for money expended in connection with the property.

Parting Strop. Strop inserted between two hawsers, and weaker than the hawsers, so that strop, and not hawsers, will part with any excessive strain. 2. Special strop used for holding cable while parting it.

Partners. Fore and aft stiffeners on underside of deck to strengthen it in way of piercings of deck for masts, capstan spindle, etc.

Passage. Narrow channel 2. Conveyance by ship.

Passage Boat. Boat that conveys goods and passengers.

Passage Broker. Person who is licensed by Government to sell or let steerage passages from U.K. to places outside Europe and Mediterranean Sea. Is required to give a bond to Government, and may employ agents approved by Emigration Officer.

Passage Money. Money paid for conveyance by ship.

Passage Winds. Trade winds, especially the 'Westerlies'.

Passenger. Any person other than Master, owner, owner's family or owner's servants, who is carried in a ship. Used sarcastically to denote a member of crew who does not pull his weight.

Passenger Ship. Vessel carrying fare-paying passengers.

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