Nautical words

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Panama Canal Tonnage. Computation for tonnage /of ships passing through Panama Canal. Approximates nett registered tonnage, but has important differences.

Panama Lead. Circular fair leads at ends of a ship. Necessary when being towed by shore locomotives in Panama Canal.

Pancake Ice. Small, circular sheets of newly-formed ice that do not impede navigation.

Pangaia. Mozambique vessel mentioned by Hakluyt. 'Like a barge, with one matsail of coconut leaves. The hull sewed together with the rinds of trees, and pinned with wooden pins.'

Panting. A more or less rhythmic in and out movement of ship's plating due to variations in water-pressure. Particularly noticeĀ­able forward when pitching.

Panting Beam. Beam placed athwartships to support shipside plating against panting stresses.

Panting Stress. Stress, due to water pressure variations, that tends to cause an in and out movement of ship's underwater plating.

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