Nautical words

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Owner's Liability. Statutory limit of liability of shipowner for losses due to the improper navigation of his vessel when occurring without his fault or privity. Limits are £15 per registered ton if there be loss of life, £8 per ton if no loss of life.

Ox Bow. Bend or reach in a river.

Ox Eye. Small cloud, or meteor, immediately preceding a violent storm off Cape of Good Hope. Mentioned by Falconer, but not by meteorologists.

Oxter Plate. Specially-shaped plate where side-plating ends in way of after deadwood.

Oya Siwo. Cold counter current setting S'ward along SE coast of Kamchatka and Kurile Islands, and along E coast of Yezo. Floating ice is carried between Kuriles and Yezo in early spring.

Packet_____________ 245_____ _ Palm and Needle

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