Nautical words

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Optional Pilotage. Pilotage service that is available but is not compulsory for specified vessels.

Orbit. Path of planet around Sun, or of a satellite around its primary.

Ordinary.* Formerly, 'in ordinary" denoted H.M. ships that were not in commission but had care and maintenance crews on board.

Ordinary Seaman. Seaman aged 18, or more, who has not qualified to be rated able seaman.

Ordnance Datum. Level to which heights and depths are referred in English surveying. Formerly, the level was a rather inaccurate approximation of mean sea-level at Liverpool. Is now mean sea level at Newlyn, Cornwall.

Orient. The Far East. East point. To define a direction by its relation to the east point of compass-a relic of the days when the east point of compass was the prime cardinal point, and was marked by a fleur-de-lys.

Original Bill. The first of a set of bills of exchange to be presented. Prior to presentation, No. 1 is the original bill.

Orion. One of the most notable constellations. Lies between R.A.'s 5h and 6h and Dec. N10° to S10°. Name is that of a mythical giant hunter who was supposed to be the son of a

peasant. Other myths make him a prince of Tanagra. As Lecky says, "Orion moves in the highest stellar society," being surrounded by important constellations and stars.

Orionids. Meteor shower through which Earth passes in autumn, and which appears to radiate from constellation Orion.

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