Nautical words

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Open Policy. 'Floating Policy.'

Open Roadstead. Roadstead that has good anchorage ground but is not sheltered from winds.

Open Sea. The sea when observer is in such a position that there is an uninterrupted sea horizon. 2. Sea in which there is no shoal water. 3. Sea outside territorial limits.

Open Water. Unobstructed water. 2. Navigable waterway through ice.

Opposed Cylinder Engine 242 Oropesa Sweep

Opposed Cylinder Engine. Internal combustion engine having cylinders on opposite sides of each crank. Impulses are applied at twice the usual rate.

Opposed Piston Engine. Internal combustion engine having two pistons in each cylinder. Charging, compression and ignition take place between the pistons, each of which operates its own connecting rod.

Opposition. Relative positions of two heavenly bodies, particularly solar system bodies, when their celestial longitudes differ by 180°, or their R.A.'s differ by 12 hours.

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