Nautical words

On the Wind. Close-hauled. Oomiaks

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On the Wind. Close-hauled.

Oomiaks. Sealskin canoes used by Eskimo.

Ooze. Deep-sea deposit composed of very fine grains of foramimfera, shell, diatoms, and other substances.

Opening a Transit. Moving to one side of a transit line so that there is an angle between the objects previously in transit.

Open Bearings. Two bearings of the same object, one taken before running a known distance and the other after running it. Used in common pilotage for finding ship's position at second bearing.

Open Boat. An undecked boat.

Open Cover. Development of "Floating Policy". Has no limit to value that may be shipped. Premiums not payable until closings are made and policies are issued.

Open Hawse. Said of cables when riding by two cables, one on each bow, and each cable leads directly to its anchor.

Open Hawse to the Gale. Said of a vessel when moored open hawse with the wind right ahead.

Open Link. The unstudded link in each end of a shackle of cable.

Open Pack. Pack-ice in which there are some navigable lanes of water.

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