Nautical words

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Ocean Greyhound. A fast passenger liner.

Ocean Plait. An under and over plaiting of a single rope that is often used for making mats.

Oceanus 240 Okta

Oceanus. In ancient mythology was the god of the river Oceanus. He and his wife, Tethys, were parents of all rivers, and of 3000 nymphs (Oceanides).

Octant. Reflecting instrument with arc of 45°, and graduated to 90°.

Oertz Rudder. Streamlined rudder designed to reduce eddy currents from propeller streams and to eliminate dead water.

Off and Fair. Order to take off a damaged member of a vessel, to restore it to its proper shape and condition, and to replace it in position.

Off and On. Said of a sailing along a coast when progress is made by alternately standing in towards the land and standing off it.

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1   ...   588   589   590   591   592   593   594   595   ...   963

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