Nautical words

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Observed Altitude. Sextant altitude of a heavenly body when corrected for index error.

Observed Distance. Angular distance between two heavenly bodies when corrected for index error of sextant.

Obstruction. In a chart, signifies something below chart datum that is a possible menace to navigation.

Occlude. To enclose; to shut up.

Occlusion. Line, on a meteorological chart, indicating the meeting of cold and warm fronts. Also the interposition of the cold front between the surface and the warm air mass under which it has intruded.

Occultation. Obscuration of a heavenly body by a nearer body passing between it and an observer. 2. The hiding of a light by the interposition of a screen.

Occulting. Said of light when its period of visibility is not less than its period of occultation.

Ocean. Originally a great river that was supposed to encircle the habitable world. Now applied to the great seas that extend between the continents.

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1   ...   587   588   589   590   591   592   593   594   ...   963

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