Nautical words

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Non-toppling Block. Ballasted pulley-block used in lower end of a purchase to ensure that purchase can be rounded up without block capsizing.

Noon. That instant when true or mean Sun is on the meridian of a place. Named 'apparent' or 'mean', according to the Sun considered.

Norfolk Wherry. Large flat-bottomed craft with mast stepped well forward. Carries a large, loose-footed gaff sail abaft mast. Met with on Norfolk Broads and in the vicinity.

Normal Centre 237 Notice to Mariners

Normal Centre (of Earth). That point, in Earth's axis, at which a vertical line passing through an observer would meet the axis.

Normal Latitude. Angle between plane of Equator and a vertical line passing downwards through an observer.

Normand's Formula. Introduced by M. Normand, in 1882, to calculate 'Inch Trim Moment' from area of waterplane, length of load waterline, beam and volume of displacement.

Norman Heads. Shaped extremities of cross piece of wooden bitts. Used for taking turns with ropes.

Normans. Short lengths of shaped timber put into sprockets of capstan to take turn of a rope that has been led to capstan for heaving. 2. U-shape irons put over whelps of capstan to prevent riding turns in hemp cable.

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