Nautical words

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Ancillary Sphere. Armilla having nine skeleton circles. Used for astronomical purposes from 3rd century B.C. until 18th century

A.D. Arming. Tallow or soap put in cavity at heel of a sounding lead or sinker to obtain a specimen of sea bed.

Arm of Anchor. That part of an anchor which extends from crown to fluke.

Armstrong's Patent. Humorous nickname for manually-worked machinery.

Arrest. Temporary detention and restraint of action when imposed by lawful authority.

Arse. Choke end of a common wood block.

Artemon. Small foresail of ancient Mediterranean vessels.

'Articles.' Short name for 'Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea',* or for the 'Articles of Agreement' between master and crew.

Articles of Agreement. Legal and binding agreement, entered into by master of ship and crew, concerning duties, conditions of service and remuneration. Terminates on fulfilment of embodied conditions or on a specified date. May terminate before time intended by mutual consent of master and seaman; by physical inability of seaman to continue service; by wreck or loss of ship.

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