Nautical words

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Naval Discipline Act. Act of Parliament governing the conduct of men and officers of Royal Navy. First introduced 1661.

Naval Lines. Lines going across a reefing topsail, from leech to leech, on after side, to secure reef line. Secured to upper eyelet holes of reef cringles.

Naval Officer. Commissioned or subordinate officer in Royal Navy, or in a foreign navy.

Navel Futtock. Ground futtock in midship timber of a wooden ship.

Navel Hood.* Timber immediately above hawse pipe of wooden ship.

Navel Pipe. Large tube through which cable goes from deck above locker to cable deck.

Navicert. Certificate of Destination for Specified Cargoes, issued by governments in wartime.

Navigability. Of a vessel, capability of being controlled and steered. Of a water area, capability of being navigated.

Navigable. Capable of being safely navigated.

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1   ...   573   574   575   576   577   578   579   580   ...   963

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