Nautical words

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Nautical Twilight. Interval between Sun being 6° below visible horizon and 12° below it. Horizon is sufficiently distinct for sextant use, and bright stars are observable.

Nautilus Propeller. Water jet discharged astern from a submerged orifice for propelling purposes in a boat. Is uneconomical in use but is retained in some lifeboats where risk of propeller being fouled is likely to arise.

Nautophone. Electrically-operated instrument that sounds a high note as a fog signal. Naval. Pertaining to ships, or to a navy.

Naval Architecture. Science and practice concerned with design, building and fitting of ships, and with the investigation of the forces acting upon them in a seaway, and in specific circum­stances.

Naval Cadet. Student for officer rank in Royal Navy.

Naval Court. Consists of three to five officers of R.N., consular officers, or masters of British ships. Convened abroad only by an officer commanding H.M. ship or by Consul, when necessary to investigate charges against master, officer or seaman of a British ship; when a British ship is lost or abandoned; when interests of owner make it advisable.

Naval Crown 233 Navis Tecta

Naval Crown. Device showing stern and square sail of a ship, alternately, on a fillet or circle.

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