Nautical words

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Natural Draught. Furnace draught arising from height of funnel above that of furnace, and from temperature of furnace gases.

Natural Projection. One in which lines of sight are directly pro­jected to a plane. Used when distinguishing this projection from an artificial projection.

Natural Scale. One in which the delineation of a charted area is directly proportional to the area charted.

Nau. Seeder

Naufrage.* Shipwreck.

Naufragate.* To shipwreck. To wreck a ship.

Naulage.* Freight, passage money or ferry charge.

Naumachy. Naval battle, sea fight. Representation of a sea fight.

Nauropometer. Instrument for measuring inclination or heel of a ship.

Nauscopy 232 Naval Court

Nauscopy. Art of discovering the approach of a distant ship to the land.

Nausea. Sea sickness. Originally meant 'ship sickness'.

Naut. Depth unit of 1000 fathoms. Used only in cable laying work.

Nautical. Pertaining to ships, seamen or navigation.

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1   ...   570   571   572   573   574   575   576   577   ...   963

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