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Munro Wind-Speed Recorder

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Munro Wind-Speed Recorder. Instrument that points a pressure head into the wind and, by means of measuring elements and a clockwork attachment, gives an anemogram.

Mush Ice. Broken ice in pieces up to 6 ft. across.

Mushroom Anchor. Umbrella-shaped anchor. Invented 1809 by Hemman of Chatham.

Mushroom Head. Domed top of a ventilator.

Mussel Bow. Name given to yachts that were cut away at fore- , foot, thus having a broad shallow part forward.

Muster. To assemble at a specified place.

Mutatis Mutandis. Latin term used in Lloyd's Salvage Agreement, and other documents. Means, 'after making the needful changes.'

Mutiny. Revolt from, or forcible resistance to, duly constituted authority.

Mutual Indemnity Insurance Association. Group of shipowners, and others, who combine to carry those risks excluded from policies of marine insurance. They are conducted on a non-profit-making basis, and mutually subscribe to make good an uninsured loss sustained by a member. 'Small Damage Club.'

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