Nautical words

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Mousing Hook. 'Self-mousing hook.'

Mudhole. Small door, in lower part of boiler shell, through which sediment may be withdrawn when not under steam.

Mudian. Bermuda-rigged boat.

Muffle (Oars). To put soft material around loom of oar, where it rests in crutch or rowlock, to deaden sound when rowing.

Mulct. To fine, or impose a penalty.

Multihull. A vessel which has more than one hull, e.g. a catamaran or trimaran.

Mumbleby. Devonshire name for a fishing boat rather smaller than a trawler.
Mumford Boiler 230 Mystery Tables

Mumford Boiler. Water-tube boiler somewhat similar to Thorny-croft type, but having tubes more curved. Practically obsolete.

Munnions. Decorative work separating windows in sterns of old ships.

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