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Middle Latitude. That latitude in which the length of a parallel intercepted between two meridians is equal to the departure made when sailing between the two meridians on a rhumb. Owing to spheroidal shape of Earth, middle latitude differs from mean latitude, but can be derived from mean latitude by Workman's Table.

Middle-Latitude Sailing. Method of solving certain navigational problems when sailing between two points in different latitudes and longitudes. The length of intercepted arc of parallel midway between the two latitudes is taken to be equal to the departure made, and is found by formula Dep. = D. Long. x Cos Mid. Lat. The method is said to have been introduced by Ralph Handson, a mathematician, in 1614.

Middle Passage. Area of Atlantic Ocean between West Indies and U.S.A. Is an old 'Slave Trade' name.

Middle Topsail. Deeply-reached topsail formerly set at heel of topmast in some schooners and sloops.

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