Nautical words

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Mexican/Mexico Current. Cold current that sets SE'ly down west coast of Mexico and eventually merging in the NE Trade Drift.

Miaplacidus. Star  Carinae. S.H.A. 222°; Dec. S70°; Mag. 1-8.

Michell Thrust. Thrust block in which the thrust is taken, primarily, on segments that can cant slightly away from collars on shaft. In the space thus formed is oil, so that frictional resistance and wear are reduced to a minimum.

Micrometer Screw. Screw for making very small adjustments with a large movement. In measuring instruments it permits very accurate measurements to be recorded.

Microsecond. One millionth (0-000,001) of second of time.

Middle Deck. Second deck below upper deck in a three-decker (which had five decks).

Middle Ground. Shoal area between two navigational channels.

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