Nautical words

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Meridional Parts. Length of any part of an extended meridian of a Mercator chart when expressed in units that are the length of a minute of longitude.

Meridional Projection. Projection of a sphere to a plane that is parallel to the meridian, or coincident with it.

Mermaid 224 Meteors

Mermaid. Fabulous creature having upper part of a woman and lower part of a fish. Dugong is an animal somewhat of this type.

Merman. Masculine counterpart of a 'Mermaid'.

Mesh Stick. Flat, wooden slat used when net making. Width of slat forms mesh and regulates its size.

Mess. Group of persons who feed at the same table. The space table, and utensils allocated to a group of persons.

Mess Deck. Deck on which the feeding places and tables of a ship's company are situated.

Messenger. Endless chain, or rope, passing round barrel of capstan and through block, or blocks, some distance away—thus moving as capstan is turned. Formerly used when cable was stowed some distance away from capstan. Slack cable was attached to messenger by short rope 'nippers', which were cast off as cable came to locker. 2. Endless chain, passing over sprocket-wheels, , used for increasing power of a windlass by connecting it with a winch. 3. A light rope used to haul in a heavier one.

Mess Kit. Utensils supplied to a mess for eating, drinking and cooking.

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